F&I Consultant – President

Founded Chernek Consulting in 2001 with hundreds of excellent references.  Provides F&I Training throughout the United States and Canada.  If you’re not making an impact you’re not making a difference.  Today’s customers are savvier and more educated than ever before.  Staying abreast of all the F&I trends and news are critical to staying relevant and being highly successful.  Rebecca Chernek offers customized in-dealership F&I training and sales training for the entire team. F&I doesn’t begin in the F&I office it starts the minute the customer touches down on the dealership website or when they walk in the door.  Every team member plays an intricate part in the overall success model which means everyone is on the same page that follows an action plan. A consistent process is the keys to your success. Rebecca Chernek helps dealers to achieve high results through proven techniques that work and maximize profits while reducing liability.